— international investment product (profit up to 20% monthly)!
Hello! Today we have to review extremely unusual in many ways program called «International Reserve System» (IRS). «IRS» – this is not a classic HYIP and MLM is not a classic project. Yes, and the presence of such an investment product on our website itself is unusual, because the main focus of «IRS» – an active invitation of partners, due to the influx of which grow referral accrual and promises a variety of material bonuses. To view the system follow the link Pay special attention to the alpha-numeric designation of upline, because the RCB of Newhyip comes to 8%. The project is located in the section STIKY listing.

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INVESTMENT COMPANY FORWARD MOTION LTD — — 50% profit with deposit included!

Hello! Sports betting can wait and more detailed acquaintance with new projects on our portal provided in their course. Here are midpercent, as legend says dealing with a large-scale expansion in the transport sector, but we did not bother asking for the details of this expansion, and investment product ready to use with the address and marketing, reminiscent Xabo project. And it approaches the 3rd month of work. However, we recall, always on the timing of the work of a project on Newhyip you can always get the best RCB. In the case of FORWARD MOTION – is expensive category TOP Performer with a return of up to 24% of the deposit.

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CASINO INV — — polished midterm with 15% net profit in 10 days

CASINOINV! Today let’s talk about midterm investment project, at the helm of which, clearly, is not a newcomer. However, whatever the previous projects of this admin, the decision to participate or not can only take you, knowledge of the previous programs, nor their ignorance of the same does not guarantee long-term or short game of a HYIP. Scam takes place, as well as at both beginners and experienced administrators. Always evaluate the investment risks in the framework of personal capital. Remember that you can always reduce them using Newhyip! Do not forget to order RCB! Midterm, which we consider, can be found at , and listing category – STIKY. RCB comes to the level of 19.8%.

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Destiny Line — — inconspicuous stability! welcome readers of our portal! And without preamble proceed to consider the medium-term HYIP, which has been working for 2 months, operating with a single investment plan and brings profit to its investors. It’s a Destiny?. A dynamic, unpredictable adventure environment from which, according to legend, the profit is derived. The minimum number of words, but each sounds intriguing, as someone who also councils of the inconspicuous design with a beautiful name. But with the RCB on blog Newhyip no intrigue. Detailed tables! At Destiny Line Limited there is STIKY listing, reaching 20% on first deposit.
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Anteros Educational Consulting Limited — — investments in education + up to 20% by newhyip!! Today will talk about mid-term project where we were topic starter on arrival from vacation. Newhyip – not only the topic starter, but also the only resource currently promoting this investment project. As you probably guessed, we are talking about HYIP with simple legend and unusual original domain name — It is noticeable that the launch was carefully prepared, filling the content and working through design. Preparation is visible, now it’s long-term work for the minimum plan for up to 25 days. At the council has all the chances to make a name for himself. On our portal consistently one of the highest RCB, in the case of Anteros, in general, the highest in the network at the moment – up to 20%. Category STIKY listing.

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Goex Investment Ltd — — old school midterm+traditionally best RCB! day to all! We continue to work and to introduce to blog readers projects in more detail. Today we consider midterm called Goex Investment Ltd with address . One look at the project – and recall the time when we were younger, and HYIPs worked longer. No “towels”, which we have grown accustomed in recent years. Old school, not only in design but also in the pay system. Yet, the first round passed. A full 12 days with a yield of 124% and the payment of the deposit at maturity. On our portal the project is under STIKY listing. As usual, our partners are among the best refs, up to 20% of the investment amount.

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Ether Group Limited — — good ex-partisan (up to 150% over 25 days+13.5% from newhyip)!! Vacation is over, actively adding new projects to increase the pace of work and present a platform that started in a faceless and a standard form of partisan still in the month of May. Its address . A few of our partners before rebranding had a chance to make a good profit on the 3 investment plans, did not prevent this existed at a time restrictions on the amount of deposits. Now we see the finished midterm which admin has made a set of measures to be included in the concept of “re-branding”. This new marketing and new design, and the increase in referral fees, and, of course, progress on Newhyip in STIKY listing category under which RCB reached 13.5%.

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InWaste- — aggressive midterm with up to 150% net profitability per month!! It’s almost vacation for me, all thoughts about the sea and the southern sun. But some unfinished business definitely need to finish. One of them – a more detailed examination of midterm project, where we are topicstarter on forum. I think you can guess what kind of program will be discussed. Of course, about the last. Link . Well, yes, SSL screwed crookedly and does not possess anything special, but the admin, who knows how to work long and good, and cheerful person. And a small circle, as I mentioned in the news already passed. On the monitoring the project marked STIKY listing, on RCB you can get up to 20% of the amount of your initial investment.

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GrapesBank — — grapes or chocolate? again! European Football Championship has almost reached its peak: Portugal and France are preparing for the main match of Euro-2016. We present a review of the fast project, which you can find, and, of course, already found at Life is fast projects in modern times, in most cases, unfortunately, short, in a time when these programs worked for months with a one-day plan with an income of 4% per day is necessary to remember only as a distant past. GrapesBank has been working for a week, a certain regularity, that the draft board, project located on the portal in TOP PERFORMER costly category with up to 20% RCB of the first investment, operating more successfully at the moment it is confirmed.

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Hello! Today in our consideration is MLM project “Lara with me”, working on platform. We say that the recent investment programs using this free instant messenger for smartphones and not only began to appear a lot enough, which is logical, because one of its founders – Pavel Durov, a philologist by education, has become the world’s best startup creator. Telegram –  is the second global project of Pavel, after the well-known and popular Russian social media “VKontakte”. However, we pause an excursion into the history of Telegram and offer to visit the site , which is now presented in the review. Do not forget to mention that on our portal Lara project has EXCLUSIVE mark and the sum of RCB up to 15% on your investment.

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