Update for April 5, 2016: Listing TOP PERFORMER extended to 5 positions (large slots will be added will not be!)

Important: We can’t, physically, placed 5(or more) projects per day, we are making wide reviews, so when ordering a listing, please specify time for works completion, for example: today we had 6 orders(we post no more than 3 projects within 24 hours), so your place in queue will be 7. And your project will be listed within 48+6 hours. Summary: when buying a listing you will be told your position in queue and approximate time of placed on monitor.

Important: first of all started theme on forums: technical data in project must be contemporary, we don’t topic started about non-licensed scripts. One more thing: we publish real parameters of your program while writing review, so consider it ordering ads! We will not create thems on forum without

Should you have any questions about advertizing (banners, reviews, interviews, sponsorship, HYIP development), please email us

promo.[email protected]

Quotations (about advertisement offer) are sent from

promo.[email protected], skype: rakovtsi.vladimir

Please remember our PerfectMoney wallet: U4620553 
Always check wallet number before sending a payment!

In the note of payment provide the domain name and the type of listing, if you are interested in other services, please contact us using the contact information, in the event of a failure on our part, we pledge to return your funds!

Why should you cooperate with Newhyip?

  1. One of the most popular Russian-language portals: Alexa statistics, and perhaps the only open statistics among sites of similar subjects at http://www.liveinternet.ru;
  2. Unique blogging system: the posts about payments, publications about news of your project, mentions in the weekly digests and mailings, various statuses and ratings for the results of programs, we do not just allocate resource and forget about it, your project is always in sight!;
  3. Best conditions for partners – our theme on mmgp is most demanded among the various blogs and similar resources;
  4. Excellent indexation on search engines: it is easy to check, for example make a request “the review (any prject on Newhyip)” and the results will surprise you;
  5. Huge portfolio with regular publications of new developments;

Our prices

GARANT- 500 USD, the service is available with the purchase of one of the listings, it raises the level of users’ trust, the amount goes to cover losses in the event of fast scam or is returned to you in full at the expiration of the deadline (time depends on the plans, for example in short HYIPs with plans for 1 day, the amount is returned after 4 days of the project work, for mid-term – refundable after the first deposit returned to players (breakeven) + 4 days. Return date discussed at the date of the project added! Of course, we add an appropriate note in the review and on the monitoring page. The service is voluntary!

  • Adding your project’s monitoring + posting on 5 popular forums+high RCB, our prices:
  1. TOP PERFORMER – $777 USD, select your project from the rest (300 Reinvest, best ref. back for partners, a unique program review + video, a large banner (rotation) for 30 days, your project is in the first position of the page on monitoring, on TOP HYIP, in column “New projects on Newhyip”, also we provide a banner 468 in the Keeper for 3 weeks). Available 5 positions (now all positions busy)
  2. STICKY LISTING – BEST RCB FOR PARTNERS! $ 450 ($ 200 Reinvest in the project, unique program review + video, a large banner for a 10 days, and your project is in the top positions of the monitoring page, banner in keeper for 2 weeks). 20% savings!;
  3. VIP Listing — HIGH RCB FOR PARTNERS! 300$ ($200 reinvest in project+Russian brief Project overview);
  4. Exclusive Listing — RCB up to 300%! 200$ ( $150 reinvest in project, $50 fee+Russian brief Project overview);
  5. Additional advertising services by Newhyip!
  • Unique program review 125USD – Order review possible after purchase listing.Reviews are published in both languages (ru/en), well indexed in Google and Yandex, that will attract potential investors to you project, also it rises the project position on the monitoring page; Also there will be video review of your project (russian version, it will be on youtube, this will generate additional traffic=investors;
  • Unique overview on 2 languages ​​without video 80 usd;
  • Attaching the review for 1 month in Russian and English version of the blog – 375 usd/ 125 usd/week (busy)
  • Static banner in the header of your blog – 375 usd per month, 125 usd per week (position busy)
  • Banners placement ot the blog’s main page: First slot 55USD per week; 185 per month, second slot 35USD per week; 125 per month(money goes into increased ref. back);
  • Possibility of interview placement – 40USD, interviews are available in two languages (ru/en);

Regulation of work:

Adding the project to the monitoring – during the day –  12 hours, usually in 3-6 hours;
Project rusian overview – during 24 hours, usually made in 12 hours;
Full project review – 7-10 days, depending on editors workload;
English version of review – 7-10 days;
Interview – up to 72 hours;

I’d like to represent new advertising platform – H-KEEPER

With the help of H-KEEPER (formerly Liberty Keeper) you can conveniently work with payment systems without having to visit their sites, remembering passwords and enter the PIN code

For your choice there are 3 sizes of banners:

120×60, located instead of the logo, occupies the most prominent place in the program interface. Static banner, price:
40 usd – Week
100 usd – month

160×70, located under the interface of selection the period of history, now when space is still available, there will be placed banner of ArtWeb. Static banner, price:
25 usd – Week
75 usd – month

468×60 standard banner in the header of the program window, dynamic, price:
15 usd – Week
50 usd – month
When buying from 3 months.- 10% discount, from 6 months. – 20%


As you know, I’m paying users at the end of the month bonuses for ridiculous scams of 500 usd, as it is players but no blogs or monitors are the driving force behind the HYIP industry, so in order to reduce the loss of players I recommend for administrators to take part in filling Fund of ridiculous scams, so service packages, on which by all means money go to the Fund, are not mandatory, however, they will give your project original promotion and contribute to the rapid growth of interest among our readers:

  1. Minimal offer: 50 usd — update (twice) date of publication of the review of your project every 7 days;
  2. Optimal offer: 100 usd — update (twice) date of publication of the review of your project every 7 days + banner for 7 days in the category «Moneymaker Diary» (one of the most popular sections of the blog);
  3. Extended offer: 170 usd — update (3 times) date of publication of the review of your project every 7 days + banner for 14 days in the category «Moneymaker Diary» (one of the most popular sections of the blog);
  4. Maximum offer: 250 usd — update (5 times) date of publication of the review of your project every 7 days + banner for 30 days in the category «Moneymaker Diary» (one of the most popular sections of the blog)+free interview;

Once again, these services are not connected with the main promotional offers, so when ordering please specify desired advertising package, i.e. you purchased STICKY listing and decided to take additional «extended offer» of advertising services, then at the order please indicate in the payment note or across all available contacts: STICKY+ extended offer.