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Hello! As we mentioned earlier in our news, projects, which work at a certain stage can be described as high-quality and worthy of our re-appraising look, and full of interesting innovations, have the opportunity to become the object of another full review on Newhyip. For this reason, today, once again we talk about the fund, since the start of which has been more than 2 months, and that took a full circle, and even more, on each of the tariff plans. Link https://lensengroup.com and that the listing on our website -TOP PERFORMER, pretty expensive, and RCB is quite high. For the minimum amounts on the first deposit comes to 25%, and for re-invest increases with to nearly 13%.

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Hello! New Year’s holidays all move away, increasing the number of exciting new projects and not very much ones, our weekly digests to become more saturated and provide a complete overview of the events of the last week (recommended for the inspection). Do not miss a moment and turn to midpercent consideration on the basis of Telegram, link https://carpediem.pm , in which, as already mentioned in the news digest, for a week on our ref. link have been registered more than 100 people. While activity is low, so carefully recalls the provisions of the project RCB of STIKY category, which is at the upper end comes to 20% of the deposit amount.

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Hello! Festive New Year’s days come to an end, but the memories remain large cash expenditure. Therefore, the players gazed in new projects, and we hope more and more often go on Newhyip blog, traditionally to keep abreast of developments of HYIP industry and have significant RCB. A detailed talk today about midpercent fund with good basic characteristics and the presence of the participants, the deposit of which ends, and the net profit instantly “drops” on wallets over a month. Link https://palmills.com. The risks of those who went to the only investment plan for a period of 60 days before the New Year come true. We emphasize that the risks are significantly reduced with the RCB by Newhyip. So for Palmills in STIKY listing, one of the quotations on RCB is 27.75% of the deposit amount.

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elizion.orgHappy New 2017 year! Let it be a lot of high-quality and profitable projects for the players! After a month break, and the end of 2016 was marked by the absence of programs worthy of our attention, let us make a brief extension of review-of MLM fund which can be found at https://elizion.org . We hope you have managed to miss for useful information as our reviews. While not denying that the project, which will say for you can be a good sign, since it took the start in the beginning of November. Few people risked to invest in the booming Bitcoin (first single EPS) in the program of non-fixed BTC rate, for a 100% profit in this case is inappropriate to speak. Now about the best in the coming 2017 RCB from Newhyip. Elizion project monitored costly – in TOP PERFORMER, RCB quite significant – up to 22.2%. There is insurance for 500 usd for a period of 35 days from 03/01/2017.

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cryptobot.proGood day! Cases of a personal nature in the real world require a lot of time, affecting some sections of our portal, and the churn of the blog has not been canceled: RCB paid, new projects were added, reviews expanding. That’s just today we focus on another midpercent program on the basis of the telegram. Frequency of use of this messenger by administrators of HYIP funds is growing every day, but maybe they do not give rest and success of Larawithme, so the approach to the preparation, presentation of the same site, has become more rigorous and costly. This is especially true at online business cards https://cryptobot.pro, about which we will talk in detail in the full news as other parameters of the project. Pre mention just about the maximum possible RCB in the Newhyip and best in the RCB network – up to 27.70% of the deposit, and that listing is in the most costly category – TOP PERFORMER. (more…)

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tradeex.proHello! Weekend turned extremely loaded by offline business, which did not prevent the rapid emergence of a weekly digest and new full reviews. From today we renew maintenance of all sections and publish advanced characteristics of midterm long-term rate and floating interest rate, situated at https://tradeex.pro . Program is working more than a month that for such marketing – is not life, but enough time to talk about innovation, advertising, technical and other characteristics of the project in more detail. On Newhyip TRADEEX administration purchased STIKY listing with extensive banner advertising. RCB, you can get on the first deposit, up to 20%, on the second – 7%. (more…)


Hello! In parallel with the work on a weekly, but last in October, HYIP news digest and talk about for fresh fund with a yield of up to 60% per month and location https://sapphiregp.com. Fresh project, but only our partners was about 100 people, with total deposits of 2000 usd. What influenced this activity from the start? Let us state a couple of versions. Maybe tariffs? We know a few examples of very successful projects fulfilled by him. Equipment? So good technical data are not, unfortunately, guarantee good performance. Newhyip – Topic starter? It also does not guarantee, although the approach to the creation of the forums we have more hard than it is in other monitors. A possible influence on the activity of a good referral fee? That’s not surprising. It is traditionally better at Newhyip. Sapphire Group – is no exception. Monitored program in section STIKY listing, the first deposit RCB comes to 16.5%, the second – no less weighty, but detailed quotes further, as well as all other characteristics. (more…)

Good day to all! Today on all sides and closely we’ll look at the rather mysterious than with specific development midpercent project located at https://www.macrobanking.com. The program was nurtured as partisan as of a child by mother for 9 months, working quietly and with long-term, completely uninteresting plans, rebranding done in January 2016. Safe to assume that this was intended, since it is known that the period of work for long term projects, is especially important for foreign investors. As for any experienced player is important RCB size. Macrobanking (and according to legend, the company is called Macro Broker Ltd.) is monitored in the context of STIKY listing with the return of 10% on the minimum deposit, which is very powerful, because the minimum deposit amount – 30 usd.

Riddle and specificity in many respects, about that further. (more…)

payercoin.comHello! As it turned out, on October 17th was proclaimed by the United Nations World Day to combat poverty. Modestly say, regular readers of the portal Newhyip will not succeed to slide into poverty. Just be aware! Now we begin to enter into the course of events and performance for high-yield project with address https://payercoin.com , about which we first responded with great hesitation in its vitality (09.10). For considering the popular administrator became quite difficult lately: scammers strive to release a program with similar data under someone else’s brand and quickly get funds. And then there’s a bright and distinctive feature: convert all currency to Bitcoin. Before you cover the rest of the data, let’s say that the project Payer Coin on our portal offers the best RCB in the network – up to 27.75%, in the top listing category – TOP PERFORMER. (more…)

bitrobot.meHello! Today we add a brief review of midterm, according to legend, using a unique program for cryptocurrency trade Bitrobot. Website address https://bitrobot.me . A certain idea of ​​this investment instrument, assuming you already have of our news, and so aware of the fact that the council can not be called a newcomer. Advertising and promotion of non-aggressive prefers not fast. While it is operating within the same framework, first making it possible to use only for investment Bitcoin payment system. The second payment system, PM, was added later. I remember on our portal you can book RCB not only on PerfectMoney and BitCoin, but also with other EPS. According to Bitrobot RCB amount of the first deposit is 20%. Listing marked STIKY.

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