Инвестиционный проект MEDUSA CAPITALHello! We flew another weekend, and we again took up the summing up of not just the HYIP week, but also the first month of autumn, heading a generalizing article Bore weekend, tops paying, «black» Wednesday and confessions of bettor. In the record, not only traditionally illuminated novelties, scams, routine and top programs, but also touched the results of sports betting. Meet! As well as get acquainted with a fresh full review rather, let’s say well-known (judged by the activity of our partners) and a popular resource, in the recent past the partisan, in whose address line a set of such symbols https://medusacapital.io . The MEDUSA CAPITAL project, after re-branding, appeared on our portal immediately in the ENERGY format, the RCB that we pay out to those registered with our link reach 12.5% of the deposit.

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Инвестиционная программа bitwallio.com

Инвестиционный проект bitwallio.comHello! Today you will receive a new extended review of the program, as they say, with a twist, for we have not only a mid-interest hip-project, but also a full-fledged online bitcoin wallet. We meet this combination for the first time, so just for the sake of curiosity we get acquainted, clicking on the link https://bitwallio.com . In the last ten days of September, at all rates of the blog, the profit has passed the mark of 100% of the net profit, so do not forget to follow the developments in this area of obtaining additional income from Newhyip. As well do not forget to order a referral award, the obligation to pay which our portal performs clearly, even if sometimes there are delays. So, according to Bitwallio, we pay up to 20.5% of RCB, which will significantly advance you to the break-even with an unlimited investment plan. Listing of the ENERGY format. For all the details go to the news. (more…)

Инвестиционный проект LigaTraders LTDHello! We declare that for the grandiose distribution of bonuses in the official Telegram channel Newhyip less than a hundred subscribers left! Get connected to our team! It will be hot! Today, too, we will talk about another hayp-association, because it was the word “league” that became the basis of the legend and entered the name of the mid-percentage project, in the address line of which there will be such Latin letters https://ligatraders.com. In fact, we have a “fresh” investment tool on our monitoring in the TOP PERFORMER section with a rather high starting activity of partners, without any insurance offered by one of the resources, and solid refs to 20% of the deposit amount.

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Инвестиционный проект bitcoin5.io

Инвестиционный проект bitcoin5.ioHello! We continue to work on-line, paid RCB, wrote a number of Reviews, summed up the results of the week in the Digest, and also covered today’s HYIP events in the News. And smoothly go to the review of the cryptic fast-project with a percentage, which increases daily by 0.05. The investment fund being considered today is available on the Internet at https://bitcoin5.io . Those who noticed Bitcoin5 from the start (and the program has been running for just over a month) have already recorded over 55% of their initial amount in their wallets. At the same time, the charge of energy, so to say, the fund has not yet ended, plus the previous creations of the admin, so it’s especially worth noting the presence on our portal of a weighty reflex of 16.8% for an amount of 0.005 BTC. The listing is marked as ENERGY. We already give full characteristics. (more…)

Инвестиционный проект thehive.eco

Инвестиционный проект thehive.ecoHello! Today we are working at a very active and fruitful pace, because to all the current affairs that have accumulated due to personal circumstances, we decided not to postpone for tomorrow what can be done today, and sum up the results of the first ten days of September in our traditional weekly digest, in which projects from the category TOP hyip are considered separately. Well, according to the program with the Internet location https://thehive.eco , which we will talk about today, we can also sum up a little, because today Eco Hive Limited has passed the minimum 22-day circle, and those who became our partner have received up to 17.5% of the deposit as RCB in the ENERGY listing.

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Инвестиционный проект coinreum.com

Инвестиционный проект coinreum.comGreetings to all! We apologize for some delays with RCB, and for not responding promptly to messages, there were reasons. Now we will catch up on all matters and expand the short review of a tightly beaten midterm, in which various crypto-currencies are widely represented and his own internal exchange. The address where you can find the HYIP —https://coinreum.com . When you click on the link, you can notice the hand of an experienced administrator and the ability to prepare and run the program. Yes, yes, the projects from this board have been repeatedly monitored on our portal in the context of different listings. At the moment it’s ENERGY. The RCB, paid by Newhyip to its partners, is significant and reaches 23% of the deposit.

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Инвестиционный проект ebayshares.com

Инвестиционный проект ebayshares.comGood day! Hopefully, these, still warm days, you devoted to rest or useful things. Newhyip, too, is busy with offline concerns, and therefore we will sum up the high-level results during the week. This Sunday we’ll talk about a sufficiently untwisted, that in terms of deposits, that in terms of purchasing listings of an investment instrument with an address https://ebayshares.com . And the program started only 8 days ago. It is easy to assume that without insider information, the case did not fail, while the minimum period for which the deposit is accepted is 45 days. Although the promotion and active, but on our portal the RCB traditionally leads in its weight. In this case, according to the first position, we pay 23% of the invested amount. The listing is marked as TOP PERFORMER.

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Инвестиционный проект eurotraders.top

Инвестиционный проект eurotraders.topHello! Before you begin to complement the details of a brief overview of an ambiguous high-yield project with an address https://www.eurotraders.top , let’s sum up some results of the last quarter in sports betting. Those who signed up for our newsletter received 65% of the profits! Expand financial horizons! To do this, use link. So, the fund Eurotraders Investment Solutions Limited is executed at a decent level, but its tariffs … and not even the tariffs themselves, but the fact that the admin makes changes to them in the course of the game … However, more on this later. In the preview, we remind you about the RCB by listing TOP PERFORMER on Newhyip to 20.5%, the button for ordering which is in the right corner. (more…)

Инвестиционный проект carismo.biz

Инвестиционный проект carismo.bizNewhyip congratulates all schoolchildren and students on the beginning of the school year! Let your diaries and checklists have only good marks, and in the head you need the knowledge! We, on our part, will make every effort to ensure that the events of the haip industry are covered in a timely manner, and losses are minimal. So, for August, compensation has already been paid, and this is a total sum of about 2800 usd, let the paid interest to some and seemed small. How do we see a new crypto project with a moneybox with an address https://www.carismo.biz , we will describe in details in the body of the review, and now we will emphasize the significant refinancing for the BTC – up to 10% of the deposit that our partners have the opportunity to get in section TOP PERFORMER listing. (more…)

http://newhyip.com/sticker/706.phpGood day to all! Once again, we will outline our plans for August, and first of all we will say that we are expanding the presence of Newhyip in social networks and in popular instant messengers. Join now! Especially you are waiting for interesting prizes. Sports bets will also be available on the link. Well, we’ll be off for a few days. However, project RCB will be paid on a standard basis. This is especially important, since today we are engaged in filling the review of the fund with the address https://incloude.com , for which on Newhyip is the best RCB on the Internet – up to 15%, in the format of TOP PERFORMER listing. As for the project itself, the details are waiting for you in full news. (more…)