moneyfond.comnew short-term hyip, the technical side of the project is well-mad, desigh unique, profitability normal,  will observe the development; — standart mlm project (moneybox), FAQ section with minor errors, script is not clear: declared handwriting engine, but it is very similar to koderboks whose manufacturer left the market; — short-term hyip, many times used design, ssl trial, do not recommend the project for investment;


bomont.cc2 days;

work.clever-company.info109 days;

EVENTS: – The project is located on the monitoring in the category of personal depozits, ACN is the second project related of Visitzen Ltd; We offer 100% RCB on first depozit and 80% for reinvest; 5 mounth of work: In this regard the Administration for improvement of quality of service decided to conduct survey of investors connected with quality of service, site modernization, etc

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