From today, the project Liberty Keeper goes to ArtWeb. I am confident that I can breathe “new life” into the program, expand the range of the users, not limited by HYIP environment, to make it more functional and easy to use.

What you’ll see in the new version 3.01

– Project name changed to H-KEEPER
The project site
– Removed the “dead” payment systems
– Changed the principle of display advertising, banners will change now classically after each request, rather than one after the other
– Changed the cost of placing banners and their number


There will not be cardinal changes, only plan to add new PS:


If you have any suggestions for improving HK or questions on advertising, please contact using the contacts listed on the site.

Special thanks to the former owner of the project. Working with him was, and there is now a pleasure, he is a responsible person who knows his business and just pleasant to talk to. Senator will continue to work on the program in the future.