The site describes the basic conditions !!! For a complete list of services and clarification of certain points (adding program in TOP HYIP and other), write to telegrams @Newhyip_com or to the email [email protected]!

Important: We can’t, physically, placed 5(or more) projects per day, we are making wide reviews, so when ordering a listing, please specify time for works completion, for example: today we had 6 orders(we post no more than 3 projects within 24 hours), so your place in queue will be 7. And your project will be listed within 48+6 hours. Summary: when buying a listing you will be told your position in queue and approximate time of placed on monitor.

Important: first of all started theme on forums: technical data in project must be contemporary, we don’t topic started about non-licensed scripts. One more thing: we publish real parameters of your program while writing review, so consider it ordering ads! When publishing topics on the forums, I have to get a guarantee to readers that the project will not be a fast scam and we open threads only with a safety net (guarantee + 1000 usd)!

About cooperation! We do not cooperate with other monitoring, blogs, and other referrals, a huge request for such resources do not try to make money on our behalf. Administrators with the so-called kickbacks are ignored. Admins, if briefly, the essence of all of this, Newhyip works without intermediaries!

Why should you cooperate with Newhyip?

  1. One of the most popular Russian-language portals: Alexa statistics, and perhaps the only open statistics among sites of similar subjects at;
  2. Unique blogging system: the posts about payments, publications about news of your project, mentions in the weekly digests and mailings, various statuses and ratings for the results of programs, we do not just allocate resource and forget about it, your project is always in sight!;
  3. Best conditions for partners – our theme on mmgp is most demanded among the various blogs and similar resources;
  4. Excellent indexation on search engines: it is easy to check, for example make a request “the review (any prject on Newhyip)” and the results will surprise you;
  5. Huge portfolio with regular publications of new developments;
  6. Professional management of the project at all stages: publication of news in social media (telegram, vk, skype), announcing the news of the project, additional reviews, consulting users, etc.

Our prices:

  • Adding your project’s monitoring + high RCB (often the best deal among the monitoring + postingat 7 popular forums+post in official VK group (about 1.500 people)+ daily notification of payments in blog news:
  1. TOP PERFOMER — 900 usd – we reiinvest 400 usd, highlight your project among others design (on request) of colorful review button, for your project’s rating page — example), only for top resources, best RCB for partners, unique reviews (russian and english)+video, ability to re-review, published by the accumulation of the project events (change of plans, a new deposit, etc.), a large banner for 30 days, your project is in the first positions of the monitoring page, the page TOP HYIP, columns «New at newhyip» and «TOP HYIP», while we often publish news about your project (resource events, reflects the activity of our referrals, etc).
  2. ENERGY 650 usd – we reiinvest 325 usd, design (on request) of colorful review button, for your project’s rating page — example), basic listing, RCB for partners at the level of top monitorings +best RCB for large sums, unique review (russian), big banner for 10 days, and your project is in the top position at monitoring page)!
  3. START! —  300 usd – we reiinvest 100 usd, short review+ RCB for partners 150% + code for a rating page on your resource + design (on request) of colorful review button, for your project’s rating page — example);

Write and lets started: skype rakovtsi.vladimir Mail: [email protected] Telegram: @Newhyip_com!

+GUARANTEE — 500-2000 usd, the service is available with the purchase of one of the listings, it raises the level of users’ trust, the amount goes to cover losses in the event of fast scam or is returned to you in full at the expiration of the deadline (time depends on the plans, for example in short HYIPs with plans for 1 day, the amount is returned after 4 days of the project work, for mid-term – refundable after the first deposit returned to players (breakeven) + 4 days. Return date discussed at the date of the project added! Of course, we add an appropriate note in the review and on the monitoring page. The service is voluntary!

  • Securing the review of your project for a period of 1 month in the Russian language and in the English version of the blog — 300 usd;
  • Placing a banner on the main page of the blog: First slot 400$/month or 150$/week, second slot 300$/month or 100$/week (part of the funds used to increase RCB)
  • Ability to place interviews— $40, without exception interview published both in and ru en version;

Remember that our wallet is PerfectMoney — U4620553 (for H-KEEPER U1263001), BTC 16TMj8gH2sstrx3dJQGyWjeJ8ER7tM2SLH

In a note of payment, specify the domain name and the type of listing, if you are interested in other services please contact us at the contacts in the event of a failure on our part, we pledge to return your funds!

Before payment for services, check the wallet number!

For advertising questions: banners, reviews, interviews, revue, sponsorship, as well as the creation of HYIP – please contact:

Skype: rakovtsi.vladimir

Telegram: @Newhyip_com
Mail: [email protected]

 Special advertising space that will undoubtedly attract the attention of all readers of our blog:

Banner at the top of our blog — is available for viewing on all pages, updating your layouts (banners) is included. Price: $500/month or $150/week. The amount in the rotation — 2(1 slot available). Example:

Branded layout — a unique form of advertising, which undoubtedly will be immediately evident to visitors blog eclipsing competitors, the price is discussed separately. The amount in the rotation — 2 (1 slot available). Example:


Size of blog content 1170px. Layout size 1600px minimum, possible up to 1900px. It is better if the layout is divided into an upper part and a side that would be if the resolution is less than in 1980 we can show only the upper part. Top 300 px. Layout in PSD layers

I would like to introduce a new advertising platform — H-KEEPER

Using H-KEEPER (former Liberty Keeper) You can comfortably work with payment systems without having to visit their sites, remembering passwords and entering the PIN code

You can choose from 3 banner sizes

120Х60 instead of the logo, the most prominent place in the program interface. Banner is static, prices:

40 usd — week
100 — month

160Х70 goes under the interfaces of selection of display period of the history, place is free, it will be placed by banner of ArtWeb projects. Banner is static, prices:

25 usd — week
75 — month

468Х60 standard banner in the header of the window, dynamic

15 usd — week
50 usd — month

When buying 3 months – discount 10%, from 6 months – 20%

Order advertising in H-KEEPER

Our wallet PerfectMoney — U4620553 (for H-KEEPER U1263001), BTC 1CyAwnDj426T5LMgpT8ZeT9W8DsuMQEVg2

Before payment for services, check the wallet number!

For advertising questions: banners, reviews, interviews, revue, sponsorship, as well as the creation of HYIP – please contact

Skype: rakovtsi.vladimir
Mail: [email protected]

Regulation of work:

  • Adding the project to the monitoring – during the day –  12 hours, usually in 3-6 hours;
  • Brief review (included in Vip listing) —  24 hours, usually we make brief review in 12 hours;
  • Full project review – up to 7 days, depending on editors workload;
  • English version of review – 10 days maximum;
  • Interview – up to 72 hours;

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