bikefor.meHello! We call no one and do not strain, but as faster 500 subscribers will enter the blog’s official telegram, the sooner will be held on the next portion of the distribution of bonuses. Congratulations to everyone who got nice bonuses! And proceed directly to the completion of the review article of midterm that already had time to celebrate his first birthday and to celebrate at our insurance portal 500 usd for an indefinite term. Address at the site . We met initially quite skeptical about the program, but after watching the work of the administration of social networks, for the promotion of slow, we believe that the project has the right to life, and our partners, of course, deserve a decent RCB which the minimum deposit for a very weighty – 14% of the amount. Located project on our portal STIKY section, and other characteristics of the body Review.
Start 28 December 2016

Newhyip opinion — HYIP fund with a fairly long investment plan – 70 days, when the accrual increased each decade by 0.5%. With 51 days you will start to receive net profit. Return of deposit is not provided. Yes, the rate is quite long, but the captivating quality of project preparation and start-up time, which in itself is good, as well as the almost complete absence of advertising on the initial stage.

Only in the last few days project began to be added to blogs and monitoring. From the past to the project gone 1390 usd according to investorsstartpage . Advertising resources through a closed statistics – a normal practice in the HYIP industry. Therefore, for a better understanding of the overall picture, we inform our readers that in Newhyip already made more than $ 700, most of our partners are active.

What else can be attributed to the preparatory phase? In advance of the project accounts have been opened in the most popular social networks, which regularly updated articles. In order to more and more people to subscribe to a feed and chat Telegram, where every week played bonuses and gifts. In general, a variety of communication means.

As for the visual and technical parameters, the design still quite bright, with a predominance of violet and purple, and technical parameters even underwent a change for the better. For the latter, of course, refers equipment of SSL-certificate by GeoTrust EV SSL Certificate with green bar, which provides additional benefits in strengthening security. Functionality of the program allowed by handwritten engine, protection from Doss – Cloudflare. Registrar resistant to abuses.

On MMGP project with “cycle” legend is not particularly discussed, it is not surprising on the eve of the New Year. Someone, however, have complained that there is no PM at the start of the payment system.

At alexa rank schedule already traced, geography is shown in the screenshot. It is interesting that the largest percentage of the influx of visitors at the site is a site that pays a penny for clicks on banners.

So, the project in front of us with good preparation, and which develop in the right way, but we do not know anything about the individual administrator, so you should pay attention to the concomitant risks of investing.


bikeforActivity of the company is based on the bike RENTAL business, which is currently demonstrating high rates of growth and liquidity.

Given the characteristics of mentality and perception of environmental problems, the Netherlands is one of the most profitable markets RENTAL business in Western Europe. This fact creates the most favorable conditions for profitable investments in bike-RENTAL business promoted in the market of this country by our company.

The accuracy of solutions and high growth rate make one of the most interesting objects in online investing today. sold online investing, positioning this method investments in the business as a reliable alternative to the majority of off-line ways of placing money in conditions of complete anonymity.

In addition, the right strategy asset management and continuous monitoring of the bike business in the country RENTAL capital placement, actively and effectively counteract the subsidence and distortions of investment returns, because our business is not dependent on stock market indices.

Our mission is to provide the most opportunities online earnings to investors, as well as to protect the environment by reducing harmful emissions that pollute the atmosphere. After all, the more people will be using as a vehicle the bike, the less harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Thus, working in bike-RENTAL business, takes an active part in solving global environmental problems, while remaining a commercial organization, whose actions are totally focused on generating profits.

Customer focus and fast ROI makes our investment offer profitable and competitive.

Sufficient experience in this type of business and competence of the personnel form the basis of our stability and our overall well-being.

RENTAL control over the process and provide a wide range of related services create additional benefits for those investors who are willing to become our clients. Reliability, uncompromising and always ready for new solutions to any issues – these are the factors that strongly favor


Company offers 5 investment stages with the upgrade mode. This means that your income grows in proportion to the term of the investment.

Profitability — 1%-3% daily:

Stage 1 — 1-10 days — 1% daily
Stage 2 — 11-20 days — 1.5% daily
Stage 3 — 21-30 days — 2% daily
Stage 4 — 31-40 days — 2.5% daily
Stage 5 — 41-70 days — 3% daily

Investment term — 70 calendar days
Investment sum — $10-$50 000
Deposit return — included in payments

Technical part:

  • Domain for 1 year (registered 27 December 2016);
  • Server— IP (1 site per IP);
  • DDOS protectionCloudFlare;
  • Script—  handwritten;
  • Domain registrar— PDR Ltd;
  • SSL certificate + Green BarCOMODO for 1 year;
  • Certificate:№ 10556397(check here)
  • Unique design;
  • Original content

Promotion: forums and monitorings list here;



  • Language:English, Russian;
  • PS accepted: Bitcoin, AdvancedCash, PAYEER
  • Bitcoin rate:not tied to USD;
  • Payment type:instant;
  • Commission for withdrawal:no;
  • Minimal deposit— 10$;
  • Minimal withdrawal— no;
  • Affiliate programme:2-level 7%-3% from partners’ deposits;
  • Contacts:e-mail, Telegram, Facebook, VK.

Ref. back: send personal data through ref. ordering form – «Ref.Back» button in the upper right corner of the website, or contact us through skype: rakovtsi.vladimir. After receiving the refs leave your review on the forum MMGP using the link to the blog topic on, if you do not leave a review for a long time you may be denied in payment of RCB for subsequent orders.

Deposit REF 1st Deposit Re-Invested
RCB % RCB from deposit RCB % RCB from deposit
$20 7% 200% 14.00% 105% 7.35%
$21-$55 7% 157% 11.00% 106% 7.42%
$56-$90 7% 142% 10.00% 107% 7.49%
$91-$201 7% 141% 9.90% 108% 7.56%
$202-$376 7% 140% 9.80% 109% 7.63%
$377-$600 7% 138.5% 9.70% 110% 7.70%
$601-$1000 7% 137% 9.60% 115% 8.05%
$1001-more 7% 141% (LUCKY RCB) 9.90% 120% .80%

Lucky RCB this extra offer for RCB, adding new projects, we will install this type of refback on a permanent basis, it is important: LuckyRCB for each project is limited;


Our score:

  • Design: 4.7/5
  • Technical data: 4.8/5
  • Plans: 3.9/5;
  • Support: 4.9/5;
  • Texts: 4.6/5;

Total score: 4.58/5

Our deposit 200  usd:

Date : 2017-01-26 13:44:17
From/To Account : U160296854745
Amount : -200.00
Currency : USD
Transaction Name : INNER_SYSTEM
Memo : c944cb0d9ca679d073a40e13bf1160f5
Payment ID : 39211d26-e56a-484f-b0ff-c6a1fe69e231

Thank you for reading a review of midterm investment project, we welcome your feedback on the project, direct observations with regards to the review and reports on receipt of payment for the project.

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