, today 11.06 we’ll review on of the best investment projects CRYPTOCONOMIST LTD, , that’s quite a bit of time left before the landmark date, July 4, 2015 CRYPTOCONOMIST LTD will celebrate a year of excellent job, of course, there is still a whole month, but for some reason I am sure that by that date the project will run in normal mode, the resource were located on a blog 39 days ago, but in the STICKY listing came relatively recently, also I’d like to inform you that today we have raised the level of partner reward and now RCB on the project reaches 20% of the deposit, as updated quotes and more significant amount, for example LUCKY RCB at this point is equal to 7% of the deposit, and is available at investments of 555 usd, for those who are not familiar with the program suggested to spend just a couple of minutes to read the full review of

Start 04 July 2014

NEWHYIP opinion project certainly occupies a leading place among all the investment programs running at the moment and this is confirmed by a number of facts:

  • Trouble-free operation for 340 days — Yes, most of the activities carried out in the project as a partisan, but, even then, the interest rate was 2.3% per day;
  • large-scale PR campaign — spent quite significant funds for the promotion, at the moment the program popularized on around 100 resources: among them almost all the top Russian-language displays and blogs admin also purchased a large number of banner advertisements;
  •  High player activity — if you check site is among top positions in Russia and Ukraine;
  • Correct placement of investment plans — during the upgrade of the investment conditions that occurred on March 14, the administrator wisely distribute the load on the project, through the implementation of the optimal threshold is the minimum and maximum, which undoubtedly helped the project to balance the cash flows;
  • Professional admin — he is the main chain of the CRYPTOCONOMIST LTD, the last programs of the administrator gave investors to earn a significant profit, alas, but at this stage of control is extremely small, the other admins profitable operation “uninterrupted pipeline” with the constant discovery of new programs for the collection of a few hundred profit;

Program should be seen as a medium-term HYIP resource, even though the fast return on 69% per month, as if to objectively look at the competition in the mid-section to find similar projects that are worked out, even with a smaller profit on similar terms is very difficult…

Before the facts, once again I’ll answer the frequently asked question, “How long do you think will run the program» — Probably many will be upset, but I don’ have the answer to this question, at first I’m not Vanga, secondly, though I do promote HYIP projects where I do not give direct advice, you know that HYIPs are associated with high risk, as well as such projects surrounding a number of external hazards such as hacking, the problem of payment systems, long delays Hosting and things like that, so put what is meaningless terms, the only thing that I can say that the program began to develop rapidly only recently and it is not necessary to start from the date of the re-branding, as admin active PR company launched just a couple of weeks ago, so the potential of the project is huge, all obligations are performed in the stated period, the investment comes at a moderate pace, I personally hope that administrators, aimed at least entering the fall season, in working condition, as will be in fact, only time will show;


CRYPTOCONOMIST LTD registered company whose main activity: trade cryptocurrency:

The Company was started at the medium of 2013 as a CRYPTOCONOMIST LTD. Company No. 08610553, After a year of working towards increasing its assets, the Company decided to expand its activity and enter the online investment market. In 2014 year the founders decided to make it an open-ended company to allow general public to participate in the Fund’s development as CRYPTOCONOMIST LIMITED Company No. 09514324 who was completed registration in 2015. The main underlying reason for such decision was the understanding that large investment amounts can be assimilated by the professional team which has developed a highly effective investment strategy.

We have consistent team: Most of the top specialists have worked with the Company since inception, our own analytics who are employs a team of financial experts, so it is able to maintain the quality of analytics and reduce the time of data processing.

Legend proved by certificate, let’s go further…

External data (design, content, navigation)

July 4, 2014 the project was launched on the bare template from GoldCoders (picture left) and only 8 months later the administrator has implemented a new design that certainly came to taste, as already participating in the program investors, and those who have watched the development of the project: stylish and at the same time does not detract from the immediate work prevailing ton of bright colors are not irritating + complete adaptation for both browsers and different devices.

Navigation, even though the absence of the Russian version of the interface is very simple, the issues should not arise, even for beginners, sections focus on the top menu and duplicated in the basement of a site, the information submitted rather succinctly, the questions submitted are not the FAQ section in the template form, the more detailed we’ll look in the video review of the program;

Investment plans

The project presents 8 variations placements for a period of 12 to 100 days:

  • In the first three variations the deposit will be returned at the end of the period, the daily accruals;
  • With regards to the rest: the body of the deposit is included in the payment, one-time accrual occurs at the end of the period;
  • Also note that for all investment plans have limits of minimum and maximum threshold input:
  1. 2.3% per day for 20 days — from $10- to $500;
  2. 2.5% per day for 35 days — from $501-to $2000;
  3. 2.8% per day for 55 days — from $10001-to $50000;
  4. 1500% after 40 days — from $1500-to $20000;
  5. 3000% after 60 days — from $5000-to $20000;
  6. 1600% after 12 days — from $18000-to $30000;
  7. 1500% after 25 days — from $5000-to $16000;
  8. 7000% after 100 days — from $200-to $5000;

To summarize the counting of return when investing with newhyip, let us take the example of the deposit of 600 usd for a plan of 2.5% per day for 35 days: the daily income of $ 15 usd + at the end your initial deposit will go to your account, for a total of 35 days with the LUCKY RCB of our blog (42 usd) your income is equal to 1164 dollars, where 564 usd (94%) is your net income (accounted commission of PM 0.5%).

Technical part:

  • Domain for 5 years (registered 6 June 2014);
  • Dedicated server (IP;
  • DDOS protection koddos;
  • Licensed script GoldCoders;
  • Domain registrarENOM, Inc;
  • SSL certificate for 1 year by COMODO with green bar support;
  • Unique design;
  • Original content;

Promotion: forums and monitorings list here;


  • Language:  English;
  • PS accepted:  PerfectMoney (verified), Payeer, Bitcoin, Payza;
  • Payment type: manual (up to 30 hours);
  • Commission: no;
  • Minimal deposit — 10$;
  • Minimal withdrawal — $0.01;
  • Affiliatte programm: 3-level 4-1.5-1% from deposit;
  • Contacts: feedback form, e-mail, phone, FacebookTwitter, address;

Ref. back: send personal data through ref. ordering form – «Ref.Back» button in the upper right corner of the website, or contact us through skype: rakovtsi.vladimir. After receiving the refs leave your review on the forum MMGP using the link to the blog topic on, if you do not leave a review for a long time you may be denied in payment of RCB for subsequent orders.

Deposit REF 1st Deposit Re-Invested
RCB % RCB from deposit RCB % RCB from deposit
$10-$15 4% 500% 20.00% 100% 4.00%
$16-$38 4% 375% 15.00% 100% 4.00%
$39-$63 4% 300% 12.00% 100% 4.00%
$64-$94 4% 250% 10.00% 110% 4.40%
$94-$140 4% 200% 8.00% 125% 5.00%
$141-$259 4% 150% 6.00% 125% 5.00%
$260-$554 4% 125% 5.00% 140% 5.60%
$555-more 4% 175% (LUCKY RCB) 7.00% 150% 6.00%

Lucky RCB -this extra offer for RCB, adding new projects, we will install this type of refback on a permanent basis, it is important: LuckyRCB for each project is limited;


Our score:

  • Design: 5/5
  • Technical data: 5/5
  • Plans: 5/5;
  • Support: 5/5;
  • Texts: 5/5;

Total score: 5/5

Our deposit 100 usd:

Date : 05/03/2015 21:04
From/To Account : U4780325
Amount : -100.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 88696601
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to Cryptoconomist — Better way to make money User Newhyip.

Thank you for reading a full review of the HYIP project, we welcome your feedback on the project, direct observations with regards to the review and reports on receipt of payment for the project.

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