day to all! We continue to work and to introduce to blog readers projects in more detail. Today we consider midterm called Goex Investment Ltd with address . One look at the project – and recall the time when we were younger, and HYIPs worked longer. No “towels”, which we have grown accustomed in recent years. Old school, not only in design but also in the pay system. Yet, the first round passed. A full 12 days with a yield of 124% and the payment of the deposit at maturity. On our portal the project is under STIKY listing. As usual, our partners are among the best refs, up to 20% of the investment amount.

Old school midterm, let’s review it.
Start 28 July 2016

Newhyip opinion

Say at once, who manages the project  is not known, registration and payment system is reminiscent of the “old school.” We look forward to the revival of old school theme and in terms of work, while not forgetting to identify risks.

Now at operates one investment plan for a period of 12 days. First depositors have already received their deposits. But admin strongly suggests that in time will be offered other marketing variations. Even a single plan quite working.

Unassuming old design and errors in the texts (visible, even to those who know English at the school level), do not underestimate the technical merits of the , which is equipped with licensed GoldCoders, GreebBar by COMODO EV SSL, protection by DDoS-Guard, BulletProof registrar, and has a dedicated server.

On MMGP project among many caused the state of deja vu. For some – it is nice, for the other – not very.

From yesterday admin of  started to buy listings more actively. For information on the inflow of funds through the monitoring can be viewed at

Over 2weeks at alexa rank no particular achievements. — decent midterm, despite the fact that such an appearance is not a trend.


we are honored to introduce you Goex Investment LTD, a registered company located in Uk and works in: forex trading and assetmanagement. everything is performed in order to reduce risks and get a profit.

Our team consists of highly skilled specialists in finances and, particularly, and various fields of Forex marketing such as Technical analysis , Fundamental analysis , Forex analytics , Trading practice , Money management and more; each of them has his unique understanding of the market, and all together they create an absolute mechanism, which is working ideally and is perfected continually.

In short , we aim to deliver superior investment returns with minimum invest and investment risk.


2% daily for 12 days

Profitability: 124%;
Minimal deposit: 10 USD;
Investment term 12 days;
Profit accrual: daily 2%;
Deposit returned at the end;

Technical part:

  • Domain for 1 year (registered 8 May 2016);
  • Dedicated server — IP;
  • Ddos protection  by DDOS-GUARD;
  • Licensed script GoldCoders;
  • Domain registrar ENOM, INC.;
  • SSL certificate + GreenBar for 1 year by COMODO;
  • Unique design;
  • Original content;

Promotion: forums and monitorings list here;



  • Language: English;
  • PS accepted: PerfectMoney (U11690653 (Goex Investment), verified), Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin;
  • BitCoin rate — not fixed;
  • Payment type: instant;
  • Commission: no;
  • Minimal deposit — $10;
  • Minimal withdrawal — no;
  • Affiliate program: 5% from partners’ deposits;
  • Contacts: feedback form, e-mail (divided into departments), address;

Ref. back: send personal data through ref. ordering form – «Ref.Back» button in the upper right corner of the website, or contact us through skype: rakovtsi.vladimir. After receiving the refs leave your review on the forum MMGP using the link to the blog topic on, if you do not leave a review for a long time you may be denied in payment of RCB for subsequent orders.

Deposit REF 1st Deposit Re-Invested
RCB % RCB from deposit RCB % RCB from deposit
$10 5% 400% 20.00% 105% 5.25%
$11-$20 5% 300% 15.00% 106% 5.30%
$21-$49 5% 240% 12.00% 107% 5.35%
$50-$100 5% 200% 10.00% 108% 5.40%
$101-$240 5% 160% 8.00% 109% 5.45%
$241-$500 5% 170% 8.50% 110% 5.50%
$501-$703 5% 175% 8.75% 111% 5.55%
$704-more 5% 180% (LUCKY RCB) 9.00% 112% 5.60%

Lucky RCB -this extra offer for RCB, adding new projects, we will install this type of refback on a permanent basis, it is important: LuckyRCB for each project is limited;


Our score:

  • Design: 4.0/5
  • Technical data: 4.0/5
  • Plans: 4.0/5;
  • Support: 4.0/5;
  • Texts: 4.0/5;

Total score: 4.00/5

Our deposit 200 usd:

Date : 08/08/2016 14:47
From/To Account : U11690653
Amount : -200.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 142513624
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to Goex Investment LTD User Newhyip.

Thank you for reading a review of new midterm HYIP,  we welcome your feedback on the project, direct observations with regards to the review and reports on receipt of payment for the project.

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