When we hear that someone managed to create a fortune by starting from scratch, we are surprised to the incredible happiness that halts this person. But that’s not luck or happiness, but something else. In fact, the money – it is the energy which in this world is more than enough, would suffice for all. At least for all those who wish to use this energy to implement their own purposes. There is no magic in wealth, it’s enough to possess a certain technique, about which we will talk today.

However, before we start talking, let’s answer the question, why now we have no money? We work, we can say tirelessly, but obtain for the labors pitiful penny. The answer is simple. In the very depths of the soul, we are convinced that there is no other way. Once you decide that you deserve more, the world has changed beyond recognition, no doubt. So let’s start

Step №1. You need to realize that money is not the objective. You shouldn’t set a goal to find ways to have a suitcase full of money, or a bank account with lots of numbers. This path leads nowhere. Money, like energy, come and go, and what they leave behind: trash and frustration or joy and well-being?

Step №2. The next step – is the realization of your own value and uniqueness. By definition, each person from birth must love himself. If you want to achieve something, urgently change your attitude towards the self. Remember that you created in the image and likeness of God, therefore, have every right to enjoy all the benefits of not only this world can give, but also to find your own happiness.

Step №3. Now the goal. Unfortunately, many people live a life without setting any goals, finding an outlet in spying for foreign successes and achievements and banal envy. Think about what you want from life. Construct your own life plan, highlighting the long-term and immediate objectives.

Step №4. Once the goals are defined, you need to start moving to them. Path to a goal – it’s not a slavery and drudgery. If the movement will not bring you pleasure, you will not be able to achieve its goal. What do you do now? Are employed, still getting a measly penny? If you are satisfied with this life, you can continue in the same spirit. If you do not meet all the parameters, look for something else to do, then that would have brought joy to the process itself. Surely there is an area in which you are can be called “renowned expert”. And maybe you can find a few areas to apply your talents, because you really are brilliant, just no one has yet said about that.

Step №5. If you decide to become a rich man, you should learn to behave as the rich. Stop, do not run to the store to buy expensive things, the rich do not behave this way. Generally, it’s time to stop thinking about the impression you make on others. Rich, by the way, have no thought about whether the neighbors believe in the reality of their wealth or not believe, they just live by their own rules and laws.

The rich are rich because they never scatter money right and left, they buy only what they want, and only when they wish. Try to enter into the circle of your friends a few well-off people, watch them carefully and try to learn their habits. Cause and effect are often swapped in this life, try to cheat fate and start to behave as if you have a lot of money and you have mastered everything, that you intended to.

Step №6. Make it a rule to never share with anyone your plans and dreams. Human envy has detrimental effect on that delicate immaterial substance that a person first creates in his imagination, and subsequently implemented in the material world. In general, try to think positively, deliberately refusing any negative.

Step №7. Whether you like it or not, but you have to realize that only you are responsible for your own destiny. If you are as poor as a church mouse, it is only because you yourself have chosen this way. And if you have the determination to get rich, you have already begun to implement, and then you’ll say “thank you” only to yourself. However, if you have your own guardian angel who guides you, supports and shakes from time to time on the hands, you can thank him, he will not mind.

By the way, if you want to have in purse lots of money, find a reason to constantly say “thank you” to everything and everyone, including those who by virtue of their understanding derives pleasure in envy and other negative. Gratitude and love – the two most powerful magnets, attracting energy and money.