Hello, dear readers, not so long ago we’ve opened an “Interview” section on our site, where we will publish dialogs with admins of top projects and the pioneer of that project was the administrator of low-percent investment platform arbitrage.com, who were very willing to answer our questions. So, let’s begin…

1. Hello. Please tell us couple of words about you as a creator of an investment project, what was a target of your business and process of attracting the investments? What is the history of your project?

Greetings to you and all the readers of this resource!
A bit about me: Ever since childhood I have a huge love for the sport. I played football, tennis, fencing, and even chess, and very successfully, as evidenced sports categories (CCM on football the first adult in fencing and tennis), numerous medals and certificates. Constantly attended various sporting events and as a spectator, watching all the ups and downs and intrigues, analyzed various kinds of championships, cups, leagues. And even then, at such a young age, made first attempts to predict the outcome of an event. Growing up, I strengthened its analytical basis, continued to actively explore more materials, reviews, articles about prestigious sports people. That is to say, accumulated “knowledge base”.  Having mastered the necessary knowledge, I began to regularly and systematically bet in bookmaker offices.
There were some good wins and large spans.

I would not say that it has brought significant money, but I wanted more. Throughout all this teenage “sports betting” I occasionally ran into matches, the coefficients at different bookmakers on the same outcome, was strikingly different. Then I realized that on the difference in the coefficients you can always have profit and only multiply the capital.
Delving deeper, I found that this phenomenon has a name “arbitrage opportunities.” The difficulty was to quickly find arbitrage opportunities in large numbers of passing events. There was no software, as you know, at that time, and the internet was a novelty.
Everything changed with the appearance of high-speed Internet.
However, there were various methods, software for search of arbitration situations. And then I realized that it’s time to combine my knowledge and modern technology. At first me, and then, already gaining a small team we created a project Arbitrage TOP. Profitability of the project was slowly but surely increasing. Me and my colleagues actually wanted more, we were eager to make the project to work to the maximum. Therefore, it was decided collectively on the withdrawal of the project from “offline” to “online” and start receiving private investments.

2. We understand that the topic is quite delicate but still: what are the material costs of the resource? What studio develops websites, which CMS is used? Describe the technical side of the project.

We have a large team of professionals in all directions, programmers, designers, system administrators, etc. And as you all know, the “good hands” are expensive, so the material aspect of development and maintenance of a website is a very impressive figures.

3.PR campaign: what strategy you stick to? On what grounds are possible to see your advertising and why there?

 Advertising company in its most focused on Internet users, although advertising is planned, so to say “offline”. In this age of information technology – the future is Internet technologies. Yes, the work of our company is 90% concentrated in the global network. Promotional products Arbitrage TOP actively placed on major investment forums, leading and reputable sites with investment focus.

4.Do you have a so-called “safety cushion”, because no one is immune from the outflow of cash? Which strategy in case of reducing the flow of investment do you have?

Let’s start with the fact that the cash outflows in any way will not affect the company’s operations . And this is the main advantage of our project.

As you say, “safety cushion” really exists in Arbitrage TOP, however, called the “decision stabilization fund ” and is created for other purposes: for example , to compensate investors Arbitrage TOP payments of interest at such time as the delays on transactions between bookmakers and our company, to make payments to customers of Arbitrage TOP, in those days , when you cannot play on arbitrage situations (lack of them or technical impossibility ) , etc.. 

5. According to your opinion, “modern” investor who is it? On what target group of investors designed your project?

Modern investor, it seems to me, is a person 29-50 years old. He is very selective, picky and I can even say “capricious.” All of this can be attributed to a large number of investment proposals with very different orientation. It turns out the investor now is a  “spoiled child”, we are to him from all sides, “this way and that,” and he says it’s all wrong, all the insufficient.

 6. What do you think are the advantages of your program in front of such resources? And what are the disadvantages?

 We should not say about deficiencies, because that makes no sense, it’s just absurd. About the benefits – it’s simple:

– The absence of any risk

– An adequate system of investment plans

 – Low barriers to entry into the project,

 – Transparency of the company,

– Safety,

 – Stabilization fund, etc.

7. Let’s talk about the investment policy: say a few words about the investment plans: what investment plans are present in your project, and why were chosen such interests or times of the deposit, on which basis such values were chosen, there may be some nuances?

 A few words, so few words. Complete information about investment programs can be found at Arbitrage TOP website . Regarding the choice of terms and interests, I can say the following: data invest. programs were compiled by our specialists, taking into account the specifics of our company, all of force majeure, as well as the condition of satisfying the material requests of customers.

8. As we know, active refferals it’s an important element in the promotion, describe briefly the features and benefits of the affiliate program of the project. Which way do your partners attract new investors? Is there work to attract offline. If so, how?

Affiliate program Arbitrage TOP has a highly motivational character, multi-level view and a set of bright attractive banners. Attracting new investors to the company’s partners Arbitrage TOP, carried out by placing your affiliate links, each partner on third-party resources, advertising forums and sites, as well as the typical advice and consultation.

9. Your plans for the future and do you have ideas for the development of the investment platform?

Very ambitious plans, but it is absolutely achievable. There is a lot of what we want to do.

– The transition to a fully automated accepting of PS

– Connection of new payment systems

– Launch LIVE section on the company website

– A large number of pleasant surprises, which the company’s customers will know later

10. In conclusion, a few words for readers, suggestions, recommendations for NewHyip. We would appreciate if you put this interview on your site.

We would like to wish NewHyip a multiple increase of the user base, more interesting projects, articles and interviews.

Thanks to admin for his time, I’d like to say: propose your questions, the most interesting ones will be used in the next posts! Stay tuned!