all readers of our investment magazine, today we publish an interview with the admin of perspective mlm project Administrator gave us a lot of time, and here we go…

1. Hello. First of all, tell us a little about yourself as the creator of the investment project, what is the background of the creation of the resource?

It all began about 5 years ago when I discovered such activity as Network Marketing.

I had very good mentors who passed on their experience and taught me many skills. Had to go through a lot of projects to learn skills and gain knowledge, which should have a good “networker”. Further developed so that more and more companies with whom I worked were in the area of ​​Internet activities.

Participating and developing these companies for several years, I found the strength to open a project, but not to run under the wing of foreign companies. So eventually there was a project Tempas!

2. How many people are involved in the preparation of the project? Have you encountered any difficulties in the recruitment of the team?

The team, which participated in the creation Tempas, were built over several years. These are the people with whom I developed other projects before.

At this point 4 people are working on project and each responsibilities are clearly defined. In general, our team is a single organism.

3. We understand that quite a touchy topic but still: what are the material costs of the resource? What studio develops websites, which CMS is used? Describe the technical side of the project.

We had no knowledge of how the creation of similar projects, so we had to learn everything from scratch. We conducted an analysis of existing projects, as well as those projects in which we have participated previously. Highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, we have begun to implement own plan. As a Performer we chose H-script, as we immediately found a common language with them, and they realized that we want to get from them

4. PR campaign: what strategy you stick? Who is promoting the project?

Our strategy – very smooth and gradual promotion of the project to connect all markets.

Initially, we translated into English movie, and in future we plan to adapt a few more languages.

Currently, we are preparing to enter other markets. Our goal is to allow more people were able to participate in our project and promote it.

 5. In the first days of work did you have difficulties? Competitors did not show much activity?

In the early days of the project, we had to handle the huge flow of information comes to us. All was as it should go; we observe a smooth growth and progressive development of the project.

6. The project uses a rather peculiar marketing, why did you choose this approach? Don’t you think a period of 45 days is lengthy?

This kind of marketing has been selected on the basis of in-depth analysis of other projects. Besides, we liked it, and we wanted to see it at work.

For someone period of 45 days may seem lengthy, but for someone normal. I can only say that the marketing of the project is very hardy and long lasting, we wanted it to do so.

 7. Which do you think are the advantages of your program before such resources? And what are the disadvantages?

One of the main advantages of our program, in my opinion, are automatic and fixed payments, eliminating the possibility of a mass withdrawal. No need to constantly go to the office and put the accumulated amount for withdrawal.

For two weeks you get your deposit and earn a net profit already.

Our fault, according to many participants, this is what we have started in the summer. Also, many people say that we are too generous referral program, a lot of different opinions on this matter..

8. What are your impressions of the starting activity of investors? Did you get your expectations?

To be honest, we did not think about it, all the power went to the creation of the project, the launch has already happened by itself. The project develops smoothly and is gaining popularity among other projects.

9. Describe briefly the features and benefits of the affiliate program of the project.

20% per personally sponsored – a good motivation for the project participants.

A one-time bonuses for the development of the structure will please active participants in the system.

 10. Your plans for the future and if you have ideas for the development of the investment platform?

Plans for the future:

– Connecting additional payment systems for project work in other markets.

– Translation into additional languages​​.

– Involvement of active participants from the scope of the network business.

– Improving the quality and image of the project, and feedback from participants.

11. Finally, a few words for readers, they may include suggestions, recommendations for NewHyip. We would appreciate if you put this interview on your site.

NewHyip resource is one of the most interesting for the creators of the project.

Our team wishes prosperity and great massive resource New Hyip.

Data on RefBack also placed on the monitoring of the project  in the category of own deposits.

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