, the next review is the investment resource, specific investment project practical doubler, with an interesting plan, Modern Bitcy Limited, on the Newhyip project implemented in the category STICKY listing, with more than a worthy RCB up to 42% of the deposit, at the time of writing, we are joined by more than 60 partners, of which the sum of the deposits is 1200 usd, the whole project is not regard as a full working version, a little of large deposits, but it is quite normal because the reality is that a significant infusion go after evidence of solvency of admin, well, or just for reputation, these factors are not used. Well, let’s start…

Start 18 April 2016

Newhyip opinion — fast HYIP, in theory, able to increase the amount of the deposit by 2.3% of net profit in the day, at the same time enabled 1 tariff plan for 42 calendar days from the accrual of 6.6% per day on weekdays (in theory 198% for the entire period), natural deposit is included in the payments. Author of the project has provided us with basic technical aspects: (a certified script GoldCoders, protection from DDOS-GUARD (though lacking a dedicated IP), ssl encryption supports GreenBar from COMODO, as well as company registration in UK.

In terms of appearance, though the site is designed solidly, despite the little irritating tone vision, the elements worked well in all browsers is correct. Original texts submitted in English + embedded google translator, no special grammatical errors, also in the content section should note the presence of a video presentation, on the structure of the site is easy to use, a set of standard sections, personal account is not changed,FAQ written well, the main issues revealed;

Let’s take a look at advertising: promotion is fair, the program is located on more than 10 monitors and 3 popular blogs, listings, mostly high-end, on the commission PR managers spent (my opinion) about 2.000 usd, at the same time, deposits from public sources do not exceed (for start 13 days) $6,000, on newhyip referrals’ deposits are up to 1200 usd.

On mmgp resource was met very positively, but the testers were tightened quickly enough, that confused, so it is a solid affiliate program 12% on the first level.

On alexa rank in the project ther is a very interesting situation, it is clear that traffic is the first Russian, but Spain and India is quite unusual, in general, for the 13 days of the program is included in TOP 200.000:

  Russia 29.8% 12,332
  Spain 8.2% 21,245
  India 6.6% 67,142
  Ukraine 6.3% 10,558
  Pakistan 4.0% 17,951 — + 98% over the 42 calendar days with fast payouts and weighty partner program, the Fund is equipped with a good technical part and adequate financial costs of advertising, at the same time the investor “scared” the abundance of the bench, and for the project does not appear accumulated reputation (or an admin carefully concealed his services), so the chances of positive work, as in most cases 50/50, take this fact into account and make their own decisions. On Newhyip as you will always be up to date with current information on the project, and of course be able to get a decent RCB!


Many people want to earn extra income on a daily basis. But on the way to success they meet many difficulties – lack of time, lack of mining experience, knowledge in the field of trading on currencies markets, mining or just lack of experience. These concepts are especially significant for those who have heard and know about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. In order to generate additional income from the investment is necessary to calculate risks, monitor the market and create detailed analytical predictions. This requires knowledge and experience in trading with Bitcoin and structures of mining knowledge.

«Modern Bitcy Limited» is officially registered company which has been leading its activities since 2016. Our company invests in various activities such as: stock exchange and mining. «Modern Bitcy Limited» has no analogues in the world and invests funds in two different areas of activities at the same time.


On investment opportunities we have already said, it is time visual display them:

  • Terms are in calendar days;
  • Deposit included into payments;
  • ROI 198;
  • Breakeven with Newhyip; 9-13 days;

Techical part:

  • Domain for 1 year (registered 11 March 2016);
  • Server — IP (3 other sites per IP);
  • DDOS protection by DDOS-GUARD;
  • Licensed script GoldCoders;
  • Domain registrar NAMESILO, LLC;
  • SSL certificate + GreenBar for 1 year by COMODO;
  • Unique design;
  • Original content;

Promotion: forums and monitorings list here;



  • Language: English;
  • PS accepted: PerfectMoney (U11080250 (MODERN BITCY LIMITED), verified, UK), Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin;
  • BTC reate: not fixed;
  • Payment type: instant;
  • Withdrawal commission: no;
  • Minimal deposit  — $10,00;
  • Minimal withdrawal — no
  • Affiliatte program: 3level 12-3-1% from deposit;
  • Contacts: feedback form, e-mail, facebook, twitter, phone, address;

Ref. back: send personal data through ref. ordering form – «Ref.Back» button in the upper right corner of the website, or contact us through skype: rakovtsi.vladimir. After receiving the refs leave your review on the forum MMGP using the link to the blog topic on, if you do not leave a review for a long time you may be denied in payment of RCB for subsequent orders.

Deposit REF 1st Deposit Re-Invested
RCB % RCB from deposit RCB % RCB from deposit
$10 12% 350% 42.00% 102% 12.24%
$11-$20 12% 300% 36.00% 103% 12.36%
$21-$50 12% 230% 27.60% 104% 12.48%
$51-$100 12% 170% 20.40% 105% 12.60%
$101-$200 12% 140% 16.80% 106% 12.72%
$201-$300 12% 130% 15.60% 107% 12.84%
$301-$500 12% 125% 15.00% 108% 12.96%
$501-more 12% 142% (LUCKY RCB) 17.00% 110% 13.20%

Lucky RCB -this extra offer for RCB, adding new projects, we will install this type of refback on a permanent basis, it is important: LuckyRCB for each project is limited;


Our score:

  • Design: 3.6/5
  • Technical data: 4.2/5
  • Plans: 4.0/5;
  • Support: 4.5/5;
  • Texts: 4.0/5;

Total score: 4.06/5

Our deposit 200 usd:

Date : 04/19/2016 13:14
From/To Account : U11080250
Amount : -200.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 129138537
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to Modern Bitcy Limited User Newhyip.

Thank you for reading a review of aggressive fast, we welcome your feedback on the project, direct observations with regards to the review and reports on receipt of payment for the project.

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