Инвестиционный проект altcoiner.net
Инвестиционный проект altcoiner.netHello! Today we have a non-traditional review of the object in question. A complete review, because the Newhyip blog only recently began to inform its readers about cryptprojects by posting smart sections in interesting programs outside of monitoring (remember, the working flexbit, topbtc and others for which many of you earned a solid profit) . Until now, crypto sites remain a separate unit of HYIP investment, and the main traffic to them comes from various crypto forums (mostly English speakers) and narrow-theme monitors (which are PR, mostly bitcoin programs). But due to the abundance of such programs, changes are also planned. For example, a separate section “HYIPs with hourly payments” appeared on the MMGP, and we have an overview on our portal. In the case of a crypto meny box, which is located at https://altcoiner.net, admin himself expressed a desire to be placed on the monitoring in the ENERGY listing, which gives us the opportunity to pay to our referrals up to 21% of the deposit in addition.

But is it just the admin’s desire? And the opinion of Newhyip?

Фаст хайп financetrade.bizGreat weekend to everyone! The beginning of the new month, and, consequently, the top three investors of the Newhyip blog will soon be named both for the total amount of deposits and for the number of applications submitted. Active players in anticipation? However, in order not to torment the fans of fast programs, today we will thoroughly discuss the project with a one-day plan called Finance Trade LTD and with the location on the Internet under the link https://financetrade.biz . Started its work, let’s say, now in proud solitude, because after the departure of the obvious fast-giants at the moment, other worthy representatives in the section of HYIP funds with a yield of 61% and payment of the deposit through the day are not observed. At us on the portal Finance Trade is listed in the ENERGY listing category, we pay up to 18% RCB for the first deposit, which is one of the most “hot” but permanent offers.

So, to the body. (more…)

factorial.proHello! The first April day, the first April full review. Yes, yes, today is the 1st of April. Remembered the familiar from childhood words “April 1, I do not believe anyone”? The April Fools’ rally is, of course, a good thing. But Newhyip will have to depart from the traditions of the World Day of Laughter and in details and, based on facts and only facts, comment on the various parameters of a promising medium-percentage bot, whose business card is located at https://factorial.pro . The seriousness of the approach and the prospects of the site, we demonstrated initially in the title, if you regularly visit our portal, could not help but note it. Yes, and in terms of RCB, we have increased interest rates thanks to ENERGY listing. And now our partners raise their profit on the project with the help of RCB to 14% of the deposit.

A fun hour, but on the Newhyip it’s business time. (more…)

oil-uae.comAll the strength and energy for a new working week! Newhyip, they also need, because the work on this Saturday and Sunday was simply an abundance. 12 programs for which compensation was paid, HYIP digest, News, RCB, Reviews, other stuff – for a few days. At the moment, we will start replenishing details related to the tariff, advertising, filling the cash flow, equipment, traffic, perception on the runet forums, a brief description of the medium-sized project. The site is available at https://oil-uae.com. Is not it true that there has long been no foundation whose legend is connected with oil?! The essence, of course, is not in oil, but in the presence of positive moments for the players. The first of them is a good reflex to 19.5% of the deposit and a cost-effective listing of TOP PERFORMER.

What else? (more…)


jewels.cashHello! News HYIP-digest, the text of which is 50% filled with a requiem for the departed and 50% of  new items, and compensation, compensation, compensation – what our work is on this March weekend. And between these two processes are also planned to review articles, like this one, which we will devote to the medium-term investment program with the address https://jewels.cash . The project has recently started, but the plans are really close to short-term, so 2 laps with a minimum deposit of 50 usd have already been passed. But, we should note that the most interesting plans are not without nuance, because access to them is opened after … We will still focus on Jewels marketing, and investment plans are traditionally already detailed in the body review before the RCB table, which we will mention now. Pay attention, the RCB on the first deposit is presented in two variations – this is up to 20% and 2.5-7% for the mineral tariff. Listing Category – TOP PERFORMER.
Let’s check the details. (more…)

merchant-invest.comThe review article will begin with the most relevant events of the last days: quit of investment programs and the payment of compensations. The last took almost all of our time, because such a large-scale action, that in terms of the number of projects that have been scaled, that there have been no funds for the total amount paid to our partners. But anyway, today we want to present a project that somehow slipped past News and immediately materialized on our portal in the form of a short review. Address of the program https://merchant-invest.com , but it is an investment tool with a single tariff, quite popular among players, but about this already, as well as about other characteristics in the complete survey. Listing for Merchant Invest Limited is the most expensive – TOP PERFORMER, for registered with our link is provided super-power RCB – up to 25,5%. (more…)

orscorp.bizHello! From the last digest you have learned not only about synchronous care of a number of star programs, but also about the novelty of our monitoring with a profitability of 15 to 60%, the location of which is the Internet address https://orscorp.biz . The program, which topic Newhyip started on the forum, attracted attention and caused many questions in our chats, so in the Review again we will give explanatory answers about the basic script and talk about the features of promotion and cash flow. The investment plan has already been standardized in full detail, as well as RCB table for our partners. Up to 17% of the deposit is available to you, the listing category is ENERGY. (more…)

tree7.ccGood day and night! If on Saturdays, as we informed our readers earlier, daily News will not come out (expect a Sunday digest and brainstorm!), then changing short reviews to complete ones this rule does not concern. Therefore, today we will talk about technical and other features of the medium-term with a feng shui address https://tree7.cc, which promises its investors a lifetime income of 3% per day in the form of instant payments. Recently, the topic of insurance in HYIPs – one of the most urgent. So, except Top PERFORMER listing Tree7 Inc. For our partners, 500 usd are allocated on an unlimited basis as safety equipment. However, Newhyip’s partners are always the most profitable, because you have an opportunity to receive up to 19% of the payment from the deposit as RCB.

We proceed to consider. (more…)

passiveloan.comHello! Before we begin to check details ad characteristics of one of the top medium-term funds, we think, with a well-known address https://passiveloan.com , we will make a small announcement. On Saturdays the news will not be published. On this day, the article “Brainstorming” will be available for commenting, where in a fruitful dialogue with users we will discuss, all trends, events of the week, development of the blog, eternal questions of insurance. The event of the last two months is the next appearance on the HYIP arena of a well-known administrator named by a nickname, consonant with one of the figures. And even in the title of the project, which we have to consider, it does not sound, the program has a number of distinctive features. A distinctive feature of Newhyip is a solid RCB. In this case, up to 14% of the deposit. Listing is purchased – TOP PERFORMER.

What did our kind admin presented for us this time?! (more…)

cmetrades.comWe are glad to welcome you on the Newhyip blog! Special events did not happen apart from the standard turnover of the HYIP industry, about this, as always, in the News. Extension of a short description of the medium-term project with the address https://cmetrades.com today is quite pleasant, for the year of its partisan activity the program brought a considerable profit to the players, and the turnover of funds was such that most of the administrations can only envy and nervously smoke on the sidelines, hoping that someday CMETrades Limited administrator will agree to conduct refresher courses. If our assumptions are correct, although we will not speak them out, then earlier this admin worked quite well. Do not forget to order RCB for the project, which, in the first position, is 20% of the deposit. On the monitoring site is located in TOP PERFOFMER. (more…)