Hello, our dear readers! Today I’d like to speak about ref.backs and geberal principles of the blog.

Ref.Back – transfer to the referral (attracted partner) part of the profit, brought by him.

General principles:
– It’s simple, I give ref.back for all projects:
1) You can contact me using contact information below to receive ref. link for any project(not only from our blog), and also I can give you my assessment on any other projects.
2) I’ll provide up to 500% ref. for the first deposit, 80 – 150% for the second and following (depending on the project, payments, etc.)
3) Please leave comments about refs. receiving at mmgp.ru
Benefits of work with us:

– I guarantee support and answer all your questions;

– We have one of the best terms on the market, the most profitable offers;

– Special approach to active users (partial and full insurance of small amounts for some projects, individual approach to pay refs. up to 100%, the timely notification of new (profitable in my opinion funds));

– Advices on any other projects;

I pay refs. to the PM, also to privat24 and other PS, processing time up to 24 hours.
Contact information:
Skype: rakovtsi.vladimir (preferably) 
ICQ: 625653070
E-mail: [email protected]
Available every day, 10:00-23:00 GMT +4