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Start 19 March 2015


TradeFund was created by experienced traders and highly qualified specialists who trade currencies on various financial markets for a long time. Our experts have developed a unique trading strategies and tools that allow minimizing risks and maximizing profits for a long period of time.

Priority direction of development of our fund is active involvement of private capital by which TradeFund increases number of trades and generate higher profits. The principle of trust management makes TradeFund very attractive tool for all investors, regardless of their knowledge and understanding of the structure of financial markets. Experience of many years, coordination of actions, and strict compliance of money management and risk management principles are key of success of our investment fund.

The Forex trading is the main activity of TradeFund. Trade experts and financial analysts have invaluable experience and all necessary skills to trade efficiently and profitably. For several years, our specialists have developed and tested software for automated trading with minimal risk and maximum profitability. Now we are ready to provide the results of our work for all of our investors and partners, and on that basis we hope to create a long-term and lasting investment relation.

The second promising direction is the investment and trading in the exchange of crypto currencies. The popularity of these currencies as a means of payment for goods and services has been growing steadily throughout the world. Along with this rapidly develops trading of crypto currencies. Although investing in crypto currencies is rather new sphere, but in spite of this, this sphere can provide the highest return that is not comparable with other kinds of investing.

We also pay great attention to the safety of our investors, therefore fund’s site uses SSL encryption and a dedicated server with protection from DDoS attacks. All financial transactions private, automated and are under constant supervision of our experts.

TradeFund doesn’t stand still, we are constantly evolving, developing and using only the most reliable and successful trading tools, thereby ensuring high daily uninterrupted profit for all investors.

Investment plans

Technical part:

  • Domain for 1 year (registered 1 March 2015);
  • Server: 1 other site per IP;
  • DDOS protection by Ddos-Guard;
  • Licensed script h-script;
  • Domain registar Whois Privacy Corp;
  • SSL certificate for 1 year by COMODO;
  • Unique design;
  • Original content;

Promotion: forums and monitorings list here;


  • Language:  Russian, English;
  • PS accepted:  PerfectMoney (verified), Payeer, BitCoin;
  • Payment type: auto (deposit refund on 1st endless plan made within 24 hours);
  • Commission: no;
  • Minimal deposit — 10$;
  • Minimal withdrawal — no;
  • Affiliate program: 3-level 4.2-2.3-0.6% from partner’s deposits;
  • Contacts: feedback form, e-mail, skype, internal ticket system;

Ref. back: send personal data through ref. ordering form – «Ref.Back» button in the upper right corner of the website, or contact us through skype: rakovtsi.vladimir. After receiving the refs leave your review on the forum MMGP using the link to the blog topic on, if you do not leave a review for a long time you may be denied in payment of RCB for subsequent orders.

Deposit REF 1st Deposit Re-Invested
RCB % RCB from deposit RCB % RCB from deposit
$10-$10 5% 400% 20.00% 120% 6.00%
$11-$22 5% 350% 17.50% 110% 5.50%
$23-$45 5% 320% 16.00% 110% 5.50%
$46-$66 5% 270% 13.50% 120% 6.00%
$67-$100 5% 220% 11.00% 130% 6.50%
$101-$200 5% 175% 8.75% 140% 7.00%
$201-$332 5% 140% 7.00% 130% 6.50%
$333-more 5% 180% (LUCKY RCB) 9.00% 150% 7.50%

Lucky RCB — this extra offer for RCB, adding new projects, we will install this type of refback on a permanent basis, it is important: Lucky RCB for each project is limited;


Our score:

  • Design: 3/5
  • Technical part: 5/5
  • Plans: 4/5;
  • Support: 4/5;
  • Texts: 4/5;

Total score: 4.2/5

Our deposit:

Date : 03/19/2015 11:28
From/To Account : U7473122
Amount : -200.00
Currency : USD
Batch : 84362691
Memo : Shopping Cart Payment. Deposit to from Newhyip.
Payment ID : 20

Thank you for reading a review of the HYIP project, we welcome your feedback on the project, direct observations with regards to the review and reports on receipt of payment for the project.

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